ذرا نم ہو تو یہ مٹی بڑی زرخیز ہے ساقی

Campus Life


1. College students are entitled to use the library books which are issued for seven days only. Unless otherwise permitted, a student who retains a book for more than 7 days will be fined Rupees 5 per day until the book is returned or re-issued.
2. A book if not required by others may be re issued to the same borrower. To get it re-issued the student must first present the book to the librarian for necessary entries.
3. Book specially reference books or periodicals and magazines are not issued. Not more than two books are issued at a time.
4. A student who damages or loses a book shall be liable to pay double the cost or replace the book or the whole set of the series as the case may be.
5. The library will be closed once for annual stock checking. All books must be returned at the time of stock checking.
6. Silence and Discipline must be maintained in the library and the reading room. Willful violation of library rules may result in the expulsion of the defaulter.
7. At the time of admission, every student is provided a library card. If the card is lost, it should be immediately brought to the notice of the librarian. A new card is issued on payment of Rs 20/- The library card is nontransferable.


College organizes different outdoor activity to exciting cultural and northern destinations for all our students. The trips are governed by rules and supervised by our team of experienced staff.

Recently Botany department has organized a study tour. The main objective of this study tour is to study tracheophytes in their natural habitat and to collect plants in order to identify and document the plant species present in the area and assess their diversity and distribution. The Ayubia Pipeline and Margalla track no.5 were chosen as the study site due to their diverse plant communities and accessibility.


Sports Gala consists of events which many students participate in sports activities. They usually participate to win trophies or prizes. A lot of elementary schools hold sports day annually on their campus.
Sports gala is an annual sports event where all college students get to participate and compete with each other. The winners are recognized by college sports teacher and duly rewarded while giving them an opportunity to compete for national level clubs.


Today, computer labs have a new function as learning spaces. With a change in the function of computer labs, learning space design in computer labs has had to change as well. The focus is becoming more about collaboration and creativity, which is aligned to what students will encounter in college and the workplace. Newly constructed Computer Labs are fully equipped with latest Computers and accessories.


The Newly constructed College Cafeteria with the guidance and support of Col. Syed Yasir Shah, Regional Director WAH CANTT, has been inaugurated on 15th June 2023 by Major General Syed Asghar HI, Director General of FGEI. The cafeteria is designed with a theme regarding the awareness of the English and Urdu literature to the students in a light way renaming the concept of cafeteria to a learning lounge. The cafeteria is very spacious and full of different quality food items at a reasonable cost.